Welcome to a little corner of the Internet, where I document a personal journey in seeking greater knowledge of the universal principles and mysteries of the natural world. 

The Blog is used to document findings from any subjects that seems interesting (at least to me), particularly scriptures, spirituality, maps, history, architecture, energy, and technology. Basically trying to figure out the web of the reality that binds us.

I also include observations on nature and wildlife and the odd random rant or musing relating to this crazy world that we call home.


Rosemary Plant

During the course of our busy lives we often oblivious or ignorant to the wonders of the natural organic world living alongside us. One of the plants in our back

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Tattvas Calculator

A Tattva calculator to show the 24-minute cycles throughout the day from sunrise. It’s purpose is to align daily activities with the energetic qualities associated with the Tattvas—Aether (Akash), Air

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The Tattvas

An introduction to study related to the Tattvas of Eastern philosophy and how they relate to the different planes of reality.

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The Kybalion

The Kybalion, first published anonymously in 1908 by three individuals who identified themselves as “The Three Initiates,” presents teachings attributed to the legendary Hermes Trismegistus. This figure symbolizes the amalgamation

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The Currawong

Currawongs frequently grace back gardens throughout South East Queensland, Australia, and our garden is no exception when it comes to hosting these avian guests. They visit daily and often in

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