Welcome to a humble online sanctuary dedicated to a personal and collective journey towards gnosis (knowledge) – seeking truth that transcends the immediately obvious.

This space is an open invitation to all who are drawn to peel back the layers of our existence, aiming to unearth the esoteric truths hidden in plain sight. Explorations that dive deep into the realms of scriptures, spirituality, maps, history, architecture, energy, and technology, seeking to understand the intricate web of interconnections that bind them, and bind us.

Together, let’s embark on this journey to delve into hidden mysteries and unlock the wisdom that resides within us all. Your insights, questions, and reflections are not just welcomed but essential, as fellow pilgrims seeking truth.

The Blog also includes observations on nature and wildlife and the odd random rant or musing regarding the crazy world that we call home.


The Currawong

Currawongs frequently grace back gardens throughout South East Queensland, Australia, and our garden is no exception when it comes to hosting these avian guests. They visit daily and often in

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Dr Sebi’s Food Chart

Dr Sebi was the working alias of Alfredo Bowman, a herbalist healer and dietician who promoted plant-based alkaline foods as essential to good health. Sebi’s clients wrote many testimonials on

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Gleason Map 1892

Gleason’s New Standard Map of the World 1892 on the projection of the Modern College.  Deemed scientifically and practically correct. The map representation includes longitude and time calculations and the

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