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The Tattvas calculator on this page is used to determine the cycle through Tattva vibrations using the method of a 24-minute cycle per Tattva. I understand that sensing/seeing the current vibrating Tattva is a truer way to determine it. As I’m presently unable to do this, the calculator is a tool for providing a “rough idea”. The calculator starts with sunrise (You can find out your local sunrise time here –

My aim in developing the calculator was to provide a tool to plan daily activities in line with the attributes of each of the Tattvas, namely:

  • Aether (Akash)
  • Air (Vayu)
  • Fire (Tejas)
  • Water (Apas)
  • Earth (Prithvi).

This project is based on a limited understanding of the topic.

The Calculator

Enter Sunrise Time (HH:MM):

A Brief Disclaimer

The calculator is based on a 24 minute cycle per Tattva. Each Tattva governs a cosmic and individual energy. Tattvas influence the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life.

The calculations begin with the local sunrise time. Samael von Weor (see Glorian website) states it is possible to tune into the vibrations of each Tattva, to know which one is in its major vibration. A method more accurate than a sunrise calculator.


The Tattva-based calendar is said to provide a way for us to connect with the universe and elemental forces of nature. This allows us to structure the use of time around ancient spiritual principles. As someone new to exploring the Tattvas, this project is a personal exploration. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.


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