We are journeying through a time of extraordinary transformation – a phase of groundbreaking discoveries, profound insights, and considerable shifts. This website serves as a personal endeavor to document and delve into the developments unfolding around us.

My fascination lies at the crossroads of science, spirituality, and the relentless human quest for knowledge. This journey is not just about acquiring information; it’s a voyage of discovery that weaves through the rich fabric of ancient scriptures, the depths of human history, and the cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence and quantum mechanics.

Deep down, we are all truth-seekers, provided we can liberate ourselves from indifference and distraction.

For me, the crazy times of 2020, especially marked by the COVID-19 drama, served as a major catalyst for my journey – an effort to bridge the seemingly disparate worlds of science and spirituality. It began with personal introspection and a conscious effort to step away from the growing apathy that pervades much of modern Western civilization.

This journey encompasses a broad array of investigations, from examining sacred texts and spiritual practices to interpreting maps, deciphering historical accounts, analyzing architectural wonders, and comprehending the principles of energy. I do not claim to be a sage, oracle, or visionary; rather, I am a fellow learner.

The thoughts and discoveries shared here are in a state of flux, inviting reinterpretation and growth. This space is designed not solely for my musings but as a place for like-minded individuals, who want to break free from dogma and investigate the wonders of the world.

Cheers, Owen


The Currawong

Currawongs frequently grace back gardens throughout South East Queensland, Australia, and our garden is no exception when it comes to hosting these avian guests. They visit daily and often in

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Dr Sebi’s Food Chart

Dr Sebi was the working alias of Alfredo Bowman, a herbalist healer and dietician who promoted plant-based alkaline foods as essential to good health. Sebi’s clients wrote many testimonials on

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Gleason Map 1892

Gleason’s New Standard Map of the World 1892 on the projection of the Modern College.  Deemed scientifically and practically correct. The map representation includes longitude and time calculations and the

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