We are navigating through an era of extraordinary transformation—a period marked by profound discovery, revelation, and significant change. As a personal project, this website chronicles and explores the revelations unfolding before us, revealing the intricate tapestry of humanity’s understanding as it evolves beyond its historical veil of mystery.

My fascination lies at the crossroads of science, spirituality, and the relentless human quest for knowledge. This journey is not just about acquiring information; it’s a voyage of discovery that weaves through the rich fabric of ancient scriptures, the depths of human history, and the cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence.

At my core, I am a seeker of truth. The tumultuous times of 2020, especially marked by the COVID-19 drama, served as a catalyst for my journey—a journey to bridge the seemingly disparate worlds of science and spirituality. It began with personal introspection and a conscious effort to step away from the apathy that pervades much of modern Western civilization.

My explorations span a diverse spectrum, from scrutinizing scriptures and delving into spirituality, to decoding maps, unraveling historical narratives, studying architecture, and understanding energy dynamics. I am no sage, seer, or prophet; I am a learner, just like you. The insights and observations shared here are works in progress, open to interpretation and evolution. This platform is not just for my own reflections but also for others who tread similar paths, offering a space where shared exploration can yield collective enlightenment.


Dr Sebi’s Food Chart

Dr Sebi was the working alias of Alfredo Bowman, a herbalist healer and dietician who promoted plant-based alkaline foods as essential to good health. Sebi’s clients wrote many testimonials on

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Gleason Map 1892

Gleason’s New Standard Map of the World 1892 on the projection of the Modern College.  Deemed scientifically and practically correct. The map representation includes longitude and time calculations and the

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