Many of us are experiencing a dramatic shift in what we could loosely term as “consciousness”, where reality appears to be transitioning between the end of one cycle and the start of a new one. A kind of cosmic shift. It’s hard to explain to those not feeling it. If you’re here reading this, you likely feel the same.

For some, distractions like entertainment and propaganda no longer hold the same value. There is a much more interesting flood of knowledge pouring into the public domain.

Ancient scriptures and tablets, mysticism, natural laws, alchemy, maps, alternative histories, quantum mechanics, artificial intelligence developments are all areas of interest. Perhaps it’s best perceived as a giant jigsaw where we are trying to arrange all the pieces into a coherent picture.

On this blog, I share personal thoughts, discoveries, musings and rants relating to these topics of interest. I am merely a student exploring and learning, not a master of anything. Understanding exposes our ignorance.

I have the fortune of residing in South East Queensland, which seems to be a bit of a hotbed for some very interesting characters who share wonderful knowledge.

We’re in times of significant change – buckle up!

Cheers, Owen


Tattvas Calculator

A Tattva calculator to show the 24-minute cycles throughout the day from sunrise. It’s purpose is to align daily activities with the energetic qualities associated with the Tattvas—Aether (Akash), Air

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The Tattvas

An introduction to study related to the Tattvas of Eastern philosophy and how they relate to the different planes of reality.

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The Kybalion

The Kybalion, first published anonymously in 1908 by three individuals who identified themselves as “The Three Initiates,” presents teachings attributed to the legendary Hermes Trismegistus. This figure symbolizes the amalgamation

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The Currawong

Currawongs frequently grace back gardens throughout South East Queensland, Australia, and our garden is no exception when it comes to hosting these avian guests. They visit daily and often in

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Dr Sebi’s Food Chart

Dr Sebi was the working alias of Alfredo Bowman, a herbalist healer and dietician who promoted plant-based alkaline foods as essential to good health. Sebi’s clients wrote many testimonials on

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